7 Top Wholesale Team Jersey Sites

This article will provide a list of great wholesale jersey websites that offer team-branded, customizable jerseys at low prices from quite a few countries. You will also find helpful tips and answers for some commonly asked questions regarding wholesale team jersey buying.

Sport jerseys are a great way of showing your support by wearing your team’s colours at a match. Sportswear is one of the most lucrative markets worldwide. Sports apparel that is team-branded will continue to be a profitable business activity. This is because sports fans love to show their loyalty and support their favorite teams and sports, so there will always be demand for these products.

The jerseys of teams are often changed, whether it is for new sponsors or a new look. Devoted fans will always want the most recent look.

Wholesalers also offer team-branded jerseys. You can also order custom jerseys and uniforms. Many schools, businesses, and communities have their own teams. You can purchase uniforms in bulk to customize them with your team’s names, numbers, sponsors, and so on.

This article will provide a list of great wholesale jersey websites that offer team-branded, customizable jerseys at low prices from quite a few countries. You will also find helpful tips and answers for some commonly asked questions regarding wholesale team jersey buying.

Wearing your favorite team’s jersey is a popular way to show support. Many families dress up in their favorite team shirts for events or at home to celebrate with their loved ones. Fans often wear their favorite team jerseys to everyday events. It is almost obvious that jerseys with team branding are very popular, regardless of sport or season.

So, batter up! Let’s take a look at our Top Seven Wholesale Jersey Websites.


jerseysworld.io is one of China’s largest drop-shipping and marketplaces. It also offers a large selection of wholesale jerseys with team branding. The unique platform allows customers to search for jerseys in a variety of sports, materials, sizes, etc. jerseysworld.io does not require you to order minimum quantities so jerseys and other accessories don’t have to be bought in bulk. Wholesale prices can be obtained for high quality individual pieces at a steep discount. jerseysworld offers customized team sportswear.

Drop-shipping, international shipping and discount codes (including lower prices via the app) will ensure that you can find the jersey of your choice at a great price. jerseysworld offers many payment options including PayPal. They also offer efficient and reliable shipping and great customer service.


Chinabrands offers a complete range of products including jerseys with team branding as well as accessories. Chinabrand is a leading global wholesalers market from China. They offer drop shipping and no minimum order requirements.

Chinabrand offers a enticing points rewards program, where points earned on purchases can earn you even greater discounts on your next purchase. Chinabrands has a quality control team of highly trained professionals who inspect every product made by major brands suppliers to ensure high quality products. Chinabrand offers custom-made team sportswear.


Alibaba is a global third-party platform for wholesale clothing. They also sell team jerseys. Alibaba offers a variety of jerseys for children, men, and women from different sports, as well as customized team sportswear. Your business will find the right product for you with their affordable prices, prompt delivery and promotional offers.


Cheap Jerseys Authentic is a leading platform in China for wholesale jerseys. They have over 20 years experience. They are the official NHL online outlet store and specialize in NHL jerseys. You have endless customization options and a wide selection of jerseys for all teams and designs. CJA offers support to build your business by offering discounts for larger orders and a variety of payment options, including PayPal and Western Union.


The wholesale jersey website offers a wide range of jerseys for all sports, including the NFL, MLB and NHL as well as NCAA and NASCAR. They also offer customizing of their products. You get free shipping worldwide if you order more than 10, and you can also receive additional discounts if your payment is made using Western Union or MoneyGram. COVID-19 has resulted in fewer DHL flights, which can cause delays in shipping. They offer safe and easy online shopping, with many payment options, and high-quality products.


Blank Athletics’ slogan is “save money, purchase them blank first.” However, they do sell team-branded jerseys. This shop can custom design your team’s athletic wear. The shop offers spirit and team wear for many sports, including cheerleading, volleyball, and lacrosse. They will accept orders from schools or government agencies. There is no minimum order.


Augusta Sportswear is a leader in the design, manufacturing, and marketing of high-performance athletic apparel for athletes, teams, and fans. Augusta Sportswear’s brands include Holloway and High5Five, Pacific Herowear and Russell Athletic.

Although this shop does not sell sportswear that is team-branded, it does offer custom sportswear including jerseys.

FAQs about Wholesale Jerseys for Team and Suppliers

Do I need to check online reviews about sellers and products?

Online review platforms allow buyers and sellers to share their experiences and opinions about particular wholesalers or products. Most buyers and sellers will leave a review once their order has been processed. This will describe their satisfaction with the seller/product.

One of the best ways for determining if a wholesaler is trustworthy and selling authentic gear is to read product reviews. It is important to ensure that the wholesaler has a good reputation for quality jerseys. You can often find online reviews that will tell you if there have been any problems shipping to other countries.

jerseysworld.io offers a very useful function that allows buyers to see the average rating of each supplier for the product being sold. When viewing an item, you can hover over its name to see the seller’s rating for product quality, tracking and delivery, customer service, repurchase rate and any jerseysworld awards for excellence in products or service.

It is always a good idea to read reviews about a supplier or product. It is possible to learn a lot about the customer service of a supplier and get information about returns. Reviews can be a great resource for your business.

Are there any cheap jerseys for NFL, NHL, or soccer teams?

Cheap jerseys for soccer, NFL and NHL are not difficult to find. It can be hard to find authentic products which could lead to problems when importing wholesale jerseys with team branding.

The most loved sport in the world is soccer. It has billions of worldwide fans and its history goes back more than 3,000 years. Soccer (football) jerseys sell quickly because of their dedicated fans. High-demand jerseys with team logos for the NFL and NHL are also very popular.

These three sports are among the most popular in the world and are extremely protective of their sponsors and brands. You must ensure that you only purchase authentic jerseys. It is possible to find a jersey with your team’s logo at a great price, only to later discover that the product is fake, of poor quality, or never arrives.

You should check the team websites to see if they have any referrals for authentic sellers. This will help you find genuine wholesalers. Many countries have strict rules and restrictions regarding the import of branded products from unofficial sellers. Therefore, it is important to do your research before selecting a wholesale supplier.

How do I know if my jersey with a wholesale team logo is authentic?

It is important to do your research when selecting a wholesale jersey for your team. We will share some tips with you.

A lot of sports fans can see the difference in a product’s quality by its picture. A jersey that has different fonts for numbers and names is often a sign of counterfeit. The number print is also a giveaway. Many sponsors and team brands will include an image or sewn on item that confirms authenticity. This is evident in the NFL holographic logo, which is found on all authentic products.

Top Tips to Find a Quality Jersey Wholesaler

Market research is an essential part of any business. Here are some tips to get the most out of your market research and use it to increase your profits.

Look online for wholesale jersey distributors. To find out who they sell with, first pick a sport and then an official team. You can find their contacts and tell them that you are interested wholesale in authentic jerseys. This should lead to you being able to find a wholesale supplier for genuine products. That will also guarantee happy customers.

Jerseysworld.com or made-in-china.com can be great marketplace starting points if you’re looking to buy from China. It is possible that products branded by teams from China are not authentic. Therefore, it is important to do your research if you want to ensure that you have the correct product. If the jerseys aren’t authentic, businesses in the USA can’t import them for resale. There are additional restrictions in different states. It is up to the buyer to determine what they can or cannot import.

Compare prices! Compare prices! The lowest quality product might not be the best. Check customer reviews and compare prices. To ensure that you get a high-quality jersey, request a sample of either the entire product or the fabric. This is an easy and affordable step, especially on Alibaba.com.

Register to follow related blogs and forums, as well as following topics on social media. SaleHoo.com is an online community for wholesalers that allows wholesalers to share their experiences, tips and advice about businesses. TrustPilot.com allows buyers to rate sellers and businesses on the site.

Do not hesitate to negotiate once you have found a supplier. Once you have established a business relationship, connect with them again. To ensure steady sales, you must make sure that you have stock available at all times. Shipping strategies and costs are also important. You will make more profit if you are able to save money or negotiate better deals.


There will always be a market to sell jerseys branded by the team, with billions of sports fans all over the globe. Jerseys are not only worn to games but also by fans as everyday wear to show support and ‘just because’.

It’s not always easy to brand sports teams. There are many schools and businesses that have soccer and baseball teams. You could also customize jerseys to their sport and make a good profit.

You can’t go wrong with sportswear, and team jerseys are no exception. It is possible to have some issues with authentic team-branded products. This is why it is important to do your research and make sure you are thoroughly researching the category. Take a look at the websites we have provided and plan to score high in your team jersey wholesale venture.

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