Both replica and authentic shirts have a lot to offer. What’s the difference? Which shirts are the most value for money?

It’s time for you to get back on the shirt train.

Amazing new football kit are appearing all over the place, with delayed release dates adding to the excitement and getting us all a bit overexcited. In an effort to get their designs noticed, brands are taking greater risks than ever before.

These shirts are outstanding and have been a hit with many clubs. We’re also seeing more experimental kits from clubs looking to change things up. This is bad news for your wallet and can cause major headaches when you are addicted to football shirts.

You’ll need to choose which version of each shirt you want, as most big clubs will offer both an original and a replica. While you probably know that one shirt is more expensive than the others, what are the key differences?


Although they may look very similar, there are many differences between replica and authentic football shirts . Replica shirts can be worn at home by fans, but authentic shirts are worn on the pitch by players. Simple.

These differences can be confusing, and it is not always clear what you will get for your money. Although things will vary between brands, you can generally tell the difference by looking at five key areas: materials and embroidery; fit, price, and, of course the name of your product.

Let’s take a look at what you should be aware of.



The finest quality fabrics and materials are used to make authentic football shirts. The brands are constantly looking for ways to make their shirts lighter, more breathable and more comfortable for the players on the pitch. You’ll get the same technology as the pros by purchasing an authentic player-issue shirt.

These shirts are not designed to make players look great, although that is always an advantage. These shirts are designed to keep players cool and calm. They usually have some type of premium fabric that keeps them as comfortable as they can when running. The technology that technology companies come up with these day is truly amazing.


However, replica shirts don’t feel as if you’re wearing sandpaper. These takedown versions still have some great features. The Bayern Munich new home kit features adidas’ groundbreaking HEAT.RDY technology, while the replica shirt still boasts the AEROREADY system.

It’s clear that replica shirts don’t have the same depth, detail, or incredible match performance as the original, regardless of brand.



Every major brand wants their shirts to be as lightweight as possible, as they will be worn by some the most talented players on the planet. This means reducing the weight and crests on the shirt. Nike, adidas and Puma all use heat-pressed logos on player issue shirts.

They feel more smooth and synthetic but require more care when they are put in the washer. Even the most strong man can be brought to tears by a peeling badge. This is my personal experience.


Replica shirts, on the other hand, are more likely to have embroidered logos. These sewn-on badges can be heavier and last longer. There might be slight changes in the design of the shirt, including some features that have been modified to make it more breathable and lighter.



This is the most important thing to think about when spending your money. The authentic kits are made for professional football players so they have a more athletic cut that feels tighter around your body. Mr Ramos, no more shirt-pulling.

Although this is not a problem, I would recommend buying a larger size when purchasing an authentic shirt. Although the curved hem was designed to enhance movement, there is always the possibility that authentic items will feel too tight, especially if it’s just for casual wear.


If you are just casually wearing replica shirts, they will be your best option. Although they may not be as aerodynamically as official player-issue shirts but they are more comfortable and offer a more relaxed fit that is designed for comfort. They are perfect for everyday football fans, especially if they don’t like slim-fit clothing.



The authentic versions are usually 50% cheaper than replicas when new kits first come out. The replica 2020/21 Chelsea shirt is available for as low as PS70. However, the authentic player-issue version will run you around PS100.

Prices will fluctuate, and FOOTY.COM offers great deals. However, authentic shirts will usually cost more even if there is a significant price drop. While you might be surprised at the difference in price, this could still be a great investment for collectors.


Replica shirts can be more expensive than genuine ones, but they are cheaper than originals. I will now mention that  allows you to compare prices to save money, but that’s probably something you already know.



It can be difficult to tell which shirts you are buying, depending on where you are shopping. It’s not helpful that they are often referred to differently by brands. Shirts that are less expensive or more expensive than expected can also create confusion,will always have something in the product title that indicates it is a player-issue shirt. adidas shirts will have the word “Authentic” while Nike will use “Vapor Match” (pictured). Just about every brand will label their match shirts in some way.


The term “replica” is becoming a somewhat offensive phrase. It’s often used by sellers on Depop and eBay to sell cheap counterfeits. Our complete guide how you spot fake football shirts is available here. However, for now, you should be aware that “replicas” might not mean the real deal.

You’re safe shopping with trusted brands and retailers, so it’s not a problem if the shirt is labeled as a “replica”. Nike chooses to use the phrase “Stadium”, but many retailers will simply list the name of the shirt (as shown above).

If you only see the shirt’s name (and nothing else to indicate whether it is authentic or replica), then you are looking at the replica.


It’s clear that authentic football shirts are made of superior materials, technology, and quality. It’s up to the customer to decide if they are worth the extra cost. The cheaper replicas are still made to a high standard and won’t just fall apart after a few uses.

For those who love to collect shirts or for those who enjoy football, authentic shirts are the best choice. Replica shirts are the best option for those who just want to display a particular design.

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